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The Prime Minister is the Head of Government of the Federation of Harlon. The position has been held by five people and is currently held by NicheGuy.


The name of Prime Minister traditionally comes from real life nations which have the same position based on various reasons, with all leading back to the first version of the term used in the Kingdom of Great Britain with the first official holder of it being Sir Robert Walpole. The position from there came from being the "primus inter pares" or first among the ministers.


Preceding the Federation of Harlon[edit]

The first discussions of the establishment of a non-staff position or positions governing the server first started in early 2020 by staff members, with it eventually being decided to proceed with it after the milestone of 100 players was achieved. This coincided with the eventual creation of the House of Assembly in the First Election of Harlon, leading to Kangaroo567 becoming the First Prime Minister of Harlon in all of its history.