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The Harlonian Centre Party (HCP) was one of the oldest parties in Harlon. The party was co-founded by its first leader Kangaroo567, who served as its leader a year, then followed by the second co-founder and last party leader Keonian_ (formerly SirPenguinMay). The party was in government throughout its time in Parliament, leading the government during the first, second and third parliamentary terms of the Federation of Harlon. The HCP has been de-facto dissolved ever since its founders ascended to the Senate or retired from politics.


Foundation and First Election[edit]

The precursors to what would eventually become the Harlonian Centre Party (HCP) were formed back in April 2020 during the first General Election of Harlon. These were two separate entities: the Central Party of Harlon (CPH) founded by current Senate members Kangaroo567 and Keonian_ as well as the Harlonian Party (HP) which was founded by Optimized_.

Both parties ran against each other in the first election, with the CPH landing with two seats and the HP gaining three seats. CPH formed a coalition with the Living City Party (LCP) and Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), securing a 4 out of 7 seats majority in the House of Assembly. This left HP as the sole opposition party, with HP unsuccessfully having sought a coalition with CPH after the election.

Expansion and Second Election[edit]

In October 2020 election, the Central Party of Harlonian (CPH) and the Harlonian Party (HP) merged into the Harlonian Centre Party (HCP). This began a rapid expansion of HCP, with the number of party members growing during the election, they gained 13 votes and became the largest political party in Harlon. Following the election, they formed a single party government.

Further Parties and Third Election[edit]

In the April 2021 election, things began to change. Unlike October's election, more parties participated in the election, with HCP not only having to fend off traditional challengers such as the Living City Party (LCP) and the Business Party (BP), but also new challengers such as the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Harlonian (DAB), the Harlonian Green Party (HGP) and the Coconut Malled Party (CMP), which all were vying for seats in Parliament, thus increasing the amount of competition between political parties in the election. Despite this, HCP still managed to win the election by gaining four seats in parliament, but it had to cooperate with DAB and CMP. This marked a new era for HCP.

Current Status[edit]

At the end of the third parliamentary term, several party members left the party and joined the Business Party, thus reducing the popularity and influence of the HCP. Former Prime-Minister SirPenguinMay announced that the HCP would not participate in the upcoming election - the first election in which he, and by extension, HCP, did not contest.

Electoral History[edit]

Electoral History
Election Votes % Seats +/–
2nd General Election - October 2020 13 54.1 (#1)
5 / 9
Steady 0
3rd General Election - April 2021 13 36.1 (#1)
4 / 11
Decrease 1