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This is the wiki for Harlon City Server - a survival mode Minecraft server with a realistic city, public transport network and much more!

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You are welcome to create as many articles as you wish as long as they follow the following criteria:

  • They follow the in-game and Discord rules of Harlon City Server (ex: no racism)
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  • They are at least one paragraph long
  • No wiki-trolling or vandalism is allowed. Removing random words/paragraphs for no reason, removing all text in articles etc.
  • Staff have the right to remove/edit any page if these rules are breached.
  • Keep in mind that this is a Wiki; thus, anyone can edit an article you have started on.
  • Please ensure that any articles you create are created in the correct namespace/section, please see below for details.

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The wiki is divided into three sections:

When creating articles, please ensure that you are creating an article in the correct namespace. This ensures the wiki is organised and people can find what they're looking for. Thanks!