HL:NicheGuy III Cabinet

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Third NicheGuy Cabinet

8th Cabinet of Harlon
Date formed2 May 2023
Date dissolved15 November 2023
People and organisations
Head of stateAntlucl
Prime MinisterNicheGuy
Number of ministers6 ministers
7 ministerial posts
Member partiesHarlon Progress Party (HPP)
Status in legislatureMajority government
Opposition partyNational Democratic Party (NDP)
Harlon Wok Party (HWP)
Legislature term(s)7th Parliament of Harlon
PredecessorNicheGuy II Cabinet
SuccessorWestray Cabinet

The Third NicheGuy Cabinet was the government of the Federation of Harlon from the 2nd of May 2023 to the 15th of November 2023.

List of ministers[edit]

The list of ministers in the cabinet, as of October 2023.

Role Member of Parliament
Prime Minister NicheGuy
Deputy Prime Minister Westray
Minister of Home Affairs NilowitschYT
Minister of Justice NicheGuy
Minister of Finance YoshiBoyAdvance
Minister of Foreign Affairs Westray
Minister of National Defence Mineshafter61