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MMThe Cabinet is the Executive Council of the Federation of Harlon. This position is held by Members of Parliament who are appointed by the Prime Minister. By convention, cabinets are formed by members of the majority party (or coalition) at the start of every term. The current cabinet of Harlon is the NicheGuy III Cabinet.

The Cabinet serves as both advisors to the Prime Minister, and supervisors of government operations. Each minister is appointed to a specific portfolio to supervise. Members of cabinet are responsible to the Prime Minister, as well as to all of Parliament collectively.

Cabinet Portfolios[edit]

While the Constitution does establish an Executive Council, it does not include specifics of each portfolio for Ministers. This leaves the portfolio of responsibilities open to regular legislative changes. As of October 2023, the Cabinet contains the following portfolios:

  • Minister of Home Affairs
  • Minister of Justice
  • Minister of Finance
  • Minister of Infrastructure and Development
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of National Defence

The Cabinet also contains the Deputy Prime Minister who is not bound to any specific portfolio, but serves as the chief advisor to the Prime Minister.

Cabinet Composition[edit]

The Prime Minister has the power to adjust and appoint Members of Parliament to the Cabinet as they see fit. Ministers serve solely at the pleasure of the Prime Minister. This power has resulted in various governments having different styles of managing their cabinet. On occasion, some cabinets have included Senators and MPs of other parties. In addition, other cabinets have included MPs appointed to multiple portfolios at once.

There are however constraints on these powers, including legislation requiring the government to pass new laws in order to establish new positions within the Cabinet.

Cabinet (As of October 2023)
Role Member of Parliament
Prime Minister NicheGuy
Deputy Prime Minister Westray
Minister of Home Affairs NilowitschYT
Minister of Justice NicheGuy
Minister of Finance YoshiBoyAdvance
Minister of Foreign Affairs Westray
Minister of National Defence Mineshafter61

Restructuring Act[edit]

The Prosperity and Restructuring Act is the current legislation for Cabinet. Although not fully in force, it outlines the current number and titles of each Minister.

List of Cabinets[edit]

No. Cabinet From To Parties
1 Kangaroo567 I Cabinet May 2020 November 2020 Centre Party of Harlon (CPH)

Living City Party (LCP)

Liberal Democratic Party of Harlon (PDL)

2 Kangaroo567 II Cabinet November 2020 April 2021 Harlonian Centre Party (HCP)
3 SirPenguinMay Cabinet April 2021 November 2021 Harlonian Centre Party (HCP)

Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Harlonians (DAB)

Coconut Mall Party (CMP)

4 Nexalin Cabinet November 2021 2 May 2022 Harlonian Business Party (HBP)
5 thegoldenportal Cabinet 2 May 2022 14 August 2022 Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Harlonians (DAB)

Harlon Wok Party (HWP)

6 NicheGuy I Cabinet 14 August 2022 31 October 2022 Harlon Progress Party (HPP)

Harlon Wok Party (HWP)

7 NicheGuy II Cabinet 31 October 2022 2 May 2023 Harlon Progress Party (HPP)
8 NicheGuy III Cabinet 2 May 2023 Incumbent Harlon Progress Party (HPP)