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The House of Assembly is the lower house in the Harlonian Parliament, the upper house being the Senate. Members of the House of Assembly, commonly known as MPs, are democratically elected per the Webster method, normally on a 6 month interval, unless an earlier election is called. The government, if a total majority is not achieved, is voted on by MPs at the first session after an election. The Prime Minister of Harlon is also an MP in the House of Assembly, along with the Vice Prime Minister and all other government ministers.


To become a Member of Parliament, you must be a representative of a registered political party. Once an election registration form opens, each political party submits at least two (2) MP candidates. The amount of MP candidates that end up becoming MPs from each party will be determined by the vote percentage of that party. Elections adopt Sainte-Laguë method, of closed party-list proportional representation system.

House of Assembly[edit]

List of Current MPs[edit]

Westray (PM), yoshipie_, Liam_Chan, NicheGuy (DPM), NilowitschYT, sturgish, Qyuzu, Chillman, AstroCraft1, TimJosselim, Mineshafter61