Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Harlonian

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Introduction [edit]

Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Harlonians(DAB) is a party that is currently running in the Harlon Parliament. It was formed by the thegoldenportal and GreenPower312 on 22nd March 2021 and it was officially open to the public on the 23rd March 2021. At the moment, it is the third-largest party inside the Parliament.

Logo meaning[edit]

The logo of DAB has several meanings. Red, white and blue is the colours that were used to represent the symbol of Care, Freedom and Democracy. The fours Chinese words below the party name (禮義廉恥) were the four most important education ideas for traditional Chinese: the sense of propriety, justice, honesty and honour / propriety, righteousness, honesty and the sense of shame / politeness, decorum, integrity and the sense of shame. The party logo of a big blue "D" shows the party is focusing on defending the democracy of Harlon.


The party founder, thegoldenportal is a new resident inside the Harlon server. On 15th March 2021, he accidentally discovered an election was going to happen on 2nd April. At the same moment, he noticed that someone mentioned that if HCP won the third time, that person would quit the server. To bring change to the server, he and his friend - GreenPower312 started to plan for the party, they formed the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Harlonians(DAB) on 22nd March and allowed citizens to join after one day.


After the party was formed, there were several problems that the newborn party had to face. The most important problem is to gain support from the public. Compare HCP, LCP and BP, these parties existed for a long time and they had gained majority support from the public; besides, new parties such as CMP and HGP are starting to grow inside Harlon, they had started their campaign very early that buys them time, these are the difficulties that DAB had to face.

Another problem DAB had to face is a lack of funding. Since the party formed pretty late, the number of supporters is little compared to other parties. With the help from the thegoldenportal and GreenPower312, the party managed to keep its financial stability until today.

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Election results[edit]

In the third election, DAB got 6 votes(16.67%) and managed to gain two seats, becoming the third-largest party inside the Harlon Parliament.

Election Results
Third Harlon Parliament

In the fourth election, DAB got 9 votes(17.65%) and gained two seats. Though getting the second-highest number of votes in the election, with Business Party winning a landslide during the election, DAB had the same number of seats as the Harlon Green Party and Sunrise National Party.

Election Results
Forth Harlon Parliament

In the fifth election, DAB got a significant 21 votes and gained four seats in the Parliament. Compared with the previous election, DAB gained nearly 50% of the votes and almost won the election. Though with the collaboration with the Harlon Wok Party(HWP), DAB and HWP successfully formed a collation government.

Election Results
Forth Harlon Parliament