HL:General Election of April 2024

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General Election of April 2024
← Oct 23' 27th-29th April 2024 Oct 24' →

All 11 seats in the House of Assembly
6 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader NicheGuy Chocolate_Rep Jayjay11w3
Seats won 7 2 1
Seat change Decrease 1 Steady 0 New
Popular vote 33 10 4
Percentage 66.0% 20.0% 8.0%
Swing Decrease2.7pp Decrease1.9pp New

  Fourth party
Leader HarryWDev
Party UNI
Seats won 1
Seat change Steady 0
Popular vote 3
Percentage 6.0%
Swing Decrease3.4pp

Prime Minister before election


Successive Prime Minister


The April 2024 Harlon general election was held from 27 April to 29 April 2024, to elect 11 members of the House of Assembly. The governing Harlon Progress Party, led by NicheGuy, won its sixth consecutive victory since its establishment as the Harlon Business Party in 2020. However, its majority fell to 1 seat, while the vote share fell to 66%.

The National Democratic Party returned with 2 MPs, the same as the number they won in the last election, but with the vote share dropped from 21.9% to 20%. The newly-formed Social Democratic Party surpassed the United Values of Harlon in vote share with 2%, while both parties got 1 seat respectively.

Following the election, the SDP vice-secretary AdoraLi conceded defeat, stating that they had learnt a lot thoroughout the election.