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Harlon Transit is a government-owned organisation in charge of the Underground, Overground, Bus, TramLink and Ferry systems that make up the City's public transport.


The first portions of the Underground (and thus the first parts of HarlonTransit's network) were built in April 2017. After that, more and more lines have been constructed. In April 2018, tram lines were introduced into parts of Harlon. Train services also have been expanded at the same time. All network in Harlon continues to cover parts of the city until 2021. With New Harlon releases on 17th July 2021, multiple services had been reduced. With metro service closed down on 12th July, and Entetsu provided its last day of service on 15th July. After New Harlon was released, tram, bus and train services continue to service until 31st August.


The Underground is the oldest urban rail network in the City of Harlon and opened along with the server. Based on the London Underground in London, the Harlon Underground shares various similarities with its London counterpart, including having both sub-surface and deep-level rail lines, as well as having similar station designs.


The Overground is the second urban rail network operated by HarlonTransit. It is based on the London Overground in London. Unlike the Underground, all Overground lines are driver-operated.


HarlonTransit's bus network consists of a mixture of express and standard bus services.


TramLink is a small network of driver operated trams that operate around the City Centre. Like the Underground and the Overground, TramLink is based on the London TramLink in London.


HarlonTransit's ferries are its newest mode of transportation, having only opened in Late 2020 after the passing of an Amendment in Parliament.