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The Harlon bus service is fully controlled by the Harlon Server, its aim is to transport citizens across the city where trains or metro services cannot be provided. Currently, Harlon Buses operate four routes, one warp route, two regular routes and one sightseeing route.


Back in old Harlon, there are also bus services provided across the city. However, they are buses that are blocky and will not move. There is a total of 10 routes across the city and they connect the city. The New Harlon bus services open on 17th July by providing different routes across the city.

Until August 2022, The New Harlon bus services operate three routes, including one warp route, two regular routes and one sightseeing route. Apart from the sightseeing bus, the rest of the routes cost £4.50 to £10.00.

This is an old Harlon Bus design which is photo in Old Harlon. The orange colour was remained unused until the opening day of New Harlon but the light blue was used at the Line 177.

Bus Routes[edit]

Below this part will be introducing the current lines across New Harlon

Route 11 Tranquila <--> Portsfield Bus Central[edit]

Route 26 Oxville <--> Stenford Seafront[edit]

Route 177 Capital Station <--> Hibbing Ore Mine[edit]