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The Social Democratic Party (colloquially referred to as the SDP or SocDems) is a center-left party in the Federation of Harlon, founded in April 2024 to contest the general election in April. They had been the third-largest political by both the number of votes and the number of seats since the April 2024 General Election. The party is currently led by Jayjay11w3, while he is also the only SDP MP in the House of Assembly.

In 2024, the Solaris Harlon Branch was established to contest the April 2024 General Election. However, following the questions by various residents of Solaris status as an "international party", the party was reorganized under the name of "Solaris localization", and made a "U-turn" in its political position from big-tent to center-left. Following the April 2024 General Election, the SDP surpassed the United Values of Harlon and became the third-largest political party in Harlon.

Electoral History[edit]

Electoral History
Election Votes % Seats +/–
9th General Election - April 2024 4 8.0 (#3)
1 / 11