OH:Transport in Harlon

From Harlon City Server

Like other servers, Harlon has a fully functioning transport system designed to emulate that of other cities. There are many ways to get around Harlon, such as by taking the train, riding a bus, driving, or simply walking.


Harlon has an extensive rail network, with lines running to all four corners of the city. Most of these rail lines are run by HarlonTransit, a government organisation that also owns the lines. HarlonTransit operates three different rail networks: the Underground, which is fully automated, the Overground, which is driver-operated, and TramLink, which is also driver-operated.

The HarlonTransit network was based upon the London rail network and thus bears many similarities to London's rail network, including station names, station architecture, line names and the concept of Night Service (called the Night Tube in London).

There are also other rail networks owned by private companies.


HarlonTransit also operates a bus network in the form of feeder bus services which link HarlonTransit stations to local landmarks and towns. Buses currently operate with clickable signs that teleport players along their assigned route, however realistic, moving buses are in the works.