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The Millennium Line is a line on the Harlon Underground that runs between Belton Street in the City Centre and Stenford Bay in the South East of Harlon. It stops at many key districts and places of interest throughout the City of Harlon such as Sergels Square, Green Park, Parliament Square, Waterloo, Penrith,and Stenford Bay.

Due to the line serving key destinations such as Parliament Square (closest to server spawn), South City Park and Penrith Central (which have Bus and Overground connections respectively to New Upland Mines) as well as the popular Stenford Bay, the line is one of the most heavily used on the HarlonTransit network.


The Millennium Line opened on the 2nd of December, 2019 between Sergels Square and Ferry Terminal.

The line was extended north to Belton Street and was extended south by 2 stations to Stenford Bay in the Spring of 2020.

Following a Parliamentry Amendment put forward by The Harlonian Centre Party in Late 2020, the HarlonTransit Ferries opened, connecting to the Millennium Line.

In 2021, the Emmaru Railways Extension from Penrith Central to Stenford Bay opened, causing further rises in patronage numbers as a result.

List of Stations[edit]

List of Stations
Station Name Landmarks Connections Direction
Stenford Bay Stenford Bay Suburb Regional trains Terminus
Sunrise Cove (Under construction) Sunrise Cove a Suburb outside of Stenford SRR Belton Street only
Lighthouse Wharf Penrith Lighthouse HT Ferries Bidirectional
Ferry Terminal Penrith Ferry 468 Bus Bidirectional
Penrith Central Factories And City Airport Regional Trains Overground and Buses Both
Penrith Riverside Upminster Forest P/R Regional Trains,X9,and Ferries Both
West Hempstead East City Park Overground From Heampstead ,and 468 Both
South City Park New Upland Mines 991 Bus to The Mines Both
Southbank hamlet South Avenue Parkour Queenvic From South Avenue Both
Waterloo Tram Depot Overground,River Line,Regional Trains Both
Parliament Square Parliament and spawn Circle and District lines Both
Green Park Green Avenue Queenvic,Piccadily,And Tramlink Both
Sergels Square Arcade and Parkour Celcius,And Tramlink Both
Belton Street None Circle,H/C,And Met Terminus