Harlonian Centre Party

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The Harlonian Centre Party (HCP) was one of the oldest parties in Harlon which operated before the creation of the constitution. The last party leader was Keonian_ (formerly SirPenguinMay), with party managing to form threee governments during the first, second and third parliamentary terms of the government. The HCP has been de-facto dissolved ever since both of its founders either ascended to the Senate or retried from politics.


Foundation and First Election[edit]

The first forms of the Harlonian Centre Party (HCP) was formed back in October 2020 during the First General Election of Harlon, originally the party was under two separate entities, the Central Party of Harlon (CPH) founded by current Senate members Kangaroo567 and Keonian_ as well as the Harlonian Party (HP) which was founded by Optimized_.

Both parties ran against each other in the election, with the CPH landing with two seats and the HP gaining three seats. It is not known if the two worked in a coalition but eventually for the First Parliamentary Term and Administrative Term of Harlon, Kangaroo567 served as Prime Minister.

Expansion and Second Election[edit]

In October 2020 election, the Central Party of Harlonian (CPH) and Harlonian Party (HP) merged into Harlonian Centre Party (HCP). This began the rapid expansion of HCP, their number of party members growth added them during the election, they gained 13 votes and became the largest party inside Harlon. They also form a government without needing to cooperate with other parties.

Further Parties and Third Election[edit]

In the April 2021 election, things had once begun to change. Different to October's election, more parties participate in the election. HCP not only have to face traditional parties such as Living City Party (LCP) and Business Party (BP), new challenges such as Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Harlonian (DAB), Harlonian Green Party (HGP) and Coconut Malled Party (CMP). These new challengers tried to gain a seat in the Parliament, thus making the election more intense and interesting. Despite this, HCP still manages to win the election by gaining 4 seats in the parliament, but it had to cooperate with DAB and CMP. This mark a new era for HCP.

Current Status[edit]

At the end of the third term of the government, several party members leave the party and join the new Business Party, thus making HCP becomes more inactive and starting to be less popular in public eyes. Currently President, Former Prime-Minister SirPenguinMay announcement that they would not participate in the upcoming election. Thus making become the first and only election that SirPenguinMay did not participated.