HL:Port of Harlon

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The Port of Harlon seen from above. (March 2022)

The Port of Harlon is the main port serving the City of Harlon. It is located where the Catlerin River flows into the sea and south of the Old Town. Some of its former western area inland is now being redeveloped into the area of Seaporte. The harbour is a major economic centre where much of the imports and exports to the city pass through.

The harbour consists of three main sections - the passenger terminal, located in the northwestern corner of the facility, followed by the old cargo docks just south of it. To the east of these two facilities lays the large Harbour Island, which is specified in handling container ships.

Passenger Terminal

Ferries at the Port of Harlon.

The Passenger Terminal in total consists of 4 docks, and is in itself split into two different purposes. The northernmost area, including the first 3 docks, serves RoRo passenger ferries. In normal use, only the two northernmost docks are used. The facility features a major customs facility, being the only point of entry for international car traffic to the city of Harlon. From the port there is easy access to the Eastside motorway; as it runs along the perimeter of the area.

The 3rd dock used for RoRo ferries may also be used for the docking of cruise ships, that also being the purpose of the 4th dock. To the south of the two docks lays a passenger cruise terminal. The cruise ferries share the same custom facilities for passengers as the RoRo ferries use.

Old Cargo Terminal

The Old Cargo terminal today serves many smaller cargo ships. Some of the westernmost warehouses have now been demolished and are being redeveloped to high-rise apartment complexes.

Harbour Island

The Harbour Island is the primary cargo handling area of the port. It handles containers and has a large facility to do so. It features the largest berths of the harbour and can hence handle the largest ships. The island features a direct connection to the Vinick Beltway, which passes under the island in a tunnel, through a purpose-built on/off-ramp.