HL:New Harlon

From Harlon City Server


The picture was used in connection with the announcement of New Harlon.

Harlon (referring to the newest iteration) and city of Harlon City Server was first announced by Optimized_ on the 24th of June 2020 in #announcements on Discord. Some early access photos were made to allow Harlonians to see different buildings. Multiple treasure chests were also hidden in old Harlon, players who find the chest will receive a present where they can have early access to New Harlon for two weeks.

After long waiting, New Harlon was officially launched on 17th July 2021. More than 40 players enter the city after the first hour of launch. During the launch, more than 30 players joined the server and causing traffic congestion along with lag across the city. To celebrate this joyful day, a sightseeing service is provided to the public and the bus was packed with passengers.

Citizens getting on the Sightseeing bus during the opening day of New Harlon.

In July 2022, server owner Antlucl announced that there will be a map reform in the current map of Harlon. The redesign was completed around a month later and the map had increased near 3 times than the original release.