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History of the Challenge[edit]

The Harlon Transit Challenge is a challenge to visit all HT stations that appear as open on the Map in the quickest way possible. The Challenge includes visiting both Metro and Commuter stations, but does not require getting off at any of them. The Metro challenge was first attempted in Old Harlon by Pro_Of_survival on 23rd of May 2020. Pro started at Stenford Bay and ended at South Avenue. However, when New Harlon opened on July 17th 2021 the record reset.

Rules Of The Challenge[edit]

The rules of the Harlon Metro challenge can be found below

  1. Getting off at stations is not required.
  2. Challengers may get between stations by using any of the following methods: buses, mainline, or on foot.
  3. The use of Ferries to get between stations is not allowed.
  4. The M31 and C11 count, however M31 is manual so you must ensure a driver is online
  5. you must document your route, and time via the discord.

Record Holders[edit]

Record Holders
Challenger Time
Pro_Of_survival 3 hours min.