From Harlon City Server

Why a new city?[edit]

The first pieces of the current world were built three years ago, and since then our building skills and standards have become significantly better. It was also seen easier to build a new city from the start then to completely rebuild the current one.

When will it open?[edit]

At the moment, the estimated opening date is 17 July 2021.

Will all my work disappear?[edit]

No. There will be a transition period in which you can move all your items/shops etc over to the new world, and many houses and areas of the world will be moved over to the new world also.

Will you have this? Will you have that?[edit]

The new world is in its very early stages, and whilst we have many, cool, new and unique ideas to make it even better we are unable to answer some of these questions as we simply don’t know yet.

Where will the metro go?[edit]

We don’t know this yet also, as it will be planned at a later stage when more of the city has been built. The new city will of course have a large and advanced metro even better then the current one when it opens to the public.

Other cities?[edit]

Yup. The new world will eventually contain multiple cities and a full country to explore instead of one city only.

Can I help with the new world?[edit]

We are always open for help with ideas, however the building itself is currently only allowed to be done by server Staff and some Builders.

What will happen to the current world?[edit]

It will most likely be closed to the public a few months after the new one opens. We can’t really specify more as this is something we have not planned in depth yet.

What about the current world right now?[edit]

We will of course keep updating it with new fun things to do, metro extensions and much more until the new world opens.

What about Stenford Bay?[edit]

The full Stenford Bay will remain the same in the new world, so just keep building!