Gov:Road Rules

From Harlon City Server

This document states the road rules of Harlon. You shall be aware and follow these if you drive a car/bike.

Harlon uses right-hand traffic, and the right lane of a double-lane road is per default the lane you shall drive in unless you are overtaking.

Road Signs


Slow down and check if there are any pedestrians willing to cross the road. It may also simply be crosswalk markings in the road surface. Pedestrians always have priority over cars, thus you must let them pass first.

One way

The road you are now on/entering is a one-way road in the direction the arrow is pointing. You may thus not turn around and go back the other way.

No Entry

You may not enter the road this sign is placed by

Slow Down

Usually an obstacle or sharp turn e ming up

Warning for Bikes/Bike Path

Either marking a bike path (colored red) or is a general warning for bikes.

Motorway Start

Start of motorway.

Motorway End

Motorway ends, slow down and prepare usually for a full stop at the end of the off-ramp.


You are either entering or approaching an area that contains roadworks. Adjust the speed accordingly.


Follow the orange signs for a diversionary route from the main road. These signs are usually found at motorway closures and/or country road closures where an alternate route is needed instead.