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Policy Polling is a consultancy and polling firm, founded by Westray. The company conducts research through public opinion surveys and through collecting data from public records. Along with its public research, Policy Polling offers consulting and research services to clients.

Approval Ratings[edit]

The company has been running approval rating surveys since June 25, 2022. These surveys include public opinion on each MP, each Senator, and on the governing party as a whole.

Governing Party Approval
Date Approval Rating
June 2022 70.0%
July 2022 45.0%
August 2022 75.0%
September 2022 70.0%
November 2022 75.0%
December 2022 62.5%
January 2023 73.3%
February 2023 64.3%
May 2023 60.0%
June 2023 60.0%
July 2023 60.0%
September 2023 TBD

Approval ratings have varied over time. Different factors such as sample size and ongoing controversies can have impacts on the results as well.

Political Trustees[edit]

According to the company, their top priority is to remain an impartial service of public research. In order to do this, they have created a group of political trustees and an open transparency policy.

There are currently a few political trustees, containing those of various political parties on the server. If the executive board of Policy Polling makes any major decision about its political polling or analysis, the political trustees will review the decision. These trustees have the ability to overturn decisions made by Policy Polling's executive board.

Analysis Reports and Guides[edit]

Policy Polling has also published public reports analyzing elections, and producing guides for new politicians. The latest political guide they published in March was here.