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The Harlonian Green Party (HGP) was a political party in Harlon lead by Pro_Of_survival.

History & ideology[edit]

The party was founded by Pro_Of_survival and participated in the elections of October 2021 and April 2022, with a policy platform focusing on environmentalism and liberalism. It was founded in January 2021 after a failed Municipal Party campaign by Pro_Of_survival in October 2020.

The party leader, Pro_Of_survival later left the party and joined the Liberal Party of Harlon (LPH). It is unclear who the current party leader of HGP is, and the party has not participated in any elections since August 2022.

In the Old Harlon world, the party was headquartered in a repurposed office space close to Waterloo station. The office originally served as the headquarters of Elstree Goodies, a company owned by the party leader.

Electoral History[edit]

The party has participated in two general elections and one by-election. It was led by Pro_Of_survival during the two general elections, and represented by rockingriley503 in the by-election of August 2022.

Electoral History
Election Votes % Seats +/–
4th General Election - October 2021 7 13.7 (#3)
2 / 13
5th General Election - April 2022 no participation
By-Election of August 2022 2 4.7 (#4)
0 / 1